5 world's most amazing pictures of football pitch in 2018

We received a lot of picture of football pitch from around the world this year. We wish to say thank you for all the amazing picture sent. For the end of 2018, we propose you 5 amazing pictures of football pitch that we have received.



In one of the poorest country in the world, luckily people can play football even if the pitch is bad - Sent by Thibaut Picard with his iphone.


Perumbavoor - India

Despite the monsoon, people continues to play. Weather conditions can’t stop the passion - Sent by Abdul Razakh



The famous Fort Jesus acts here as terraces. History is the past. Today is time to play football - Sent by Valentine Delorme



Far from the big stadiums and the cities but happy and close to the nature - Sent by Gabriela Cervantes


Somewhere in Grenland

The most important point is not the quality of the football pitch. Football is played everywhere in all kind of football fields - Sent by Marius Vagenes Villanger (Check out his interview)

Hope we will receive even more pictures of football pitch in 2019.