Ismaele Tortella -Misiones - Argentina #1

Pictures taken by Ismaele Tortella italian photographer since 5 years. 

Ismael, what did you do in Misiones ?

I did my master thesis with the indigenous communities Guaranì. It was an incredible experience, really hard to describe with words. I was one year with 5 different communities. I lived with them, sharing their life from eating together to hunting and fishing.

What did you choose to take this picture ?

This picture it was not programed. I was leaving with my moto but it started to rain. Due to this I decided to wait a little bit more. Some children started to play football under the rain and I was fascinating of this. The red soil of Misiones became really slippery when it is wet. It was really funny to see them jumping and pulling them self on the ground.


What is your relation to the football ?

It is complicate to ask to this question. I think that the football is an amazing team sport. Moreover, you need just a ball to play, you can use the streets of your town from the red soil of South America. You don’t need to buy expensive tools.

Thanks a lot for you answers !

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