Olivia Blondel-Cartagena - Colombia #2

Olivia Blondel is a french woman with a lot of interest. Here her website !

Hi Olivia, what did you do in Carthagena ?

I lived in Cartagena for five months while I was working on my graduate thesis in ethnography. I was working on a popular music from the Caribbean coast and this work gave me the opportunity to get to know a very interesting and not well-known part of this city.

What did you choose to take this picture ?

In the first months of my stay in Cartagena, I was living in a neighborhood far away from the center and I had to take a small bus twice a day to get to the historic part of the city. While I was in this bus, I was very attentive to all the details I could see throughout the windows. And this football field was just on my way home.


Can you talk about this picture ?

The fortification that you can see in the back of the field is a huge symbol for the city, which is often nicknamed as « La ciudad amurallada ». These walls remind all the colonial history of this city, which has been one of the main center for slavery in Latin America. It also still demarcates the historic part of the city which is a very strong social boundary. But at the same time, all the players that you can see on this picture are Black. They kind of reappropriate this space and at the same time they build a new tale of the city. Apart from all this, I also really like the movement in this picture : the boy running in one way and the little girl in the other way. Also, it took me a while to notice the three guys watching the game from the top of the fortification but I really like this detail too.

What is your relation to the football ?

I don’t know much of football … I used to have a bad representation of it, maybe because of the football industry. But I realized I knew nothing about it, and now I find beautiful the commitment of the supporters, all the songs around each team, the colors of it...Maybe I am more interested in the supporters than in the game...I don’t know, I’m still learning about it.

Thanks you Olivia for sharing !

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