Julia Poloni-Roma - Italia #3

We invite Julia Poloni from Brazil and big fan of Gremio to tell the story of her picture. 

Hi Julia, what did you do in Roma ?

I was in Rome for the first time on vacation and I fell in love with the city because I love history and architecture.

What did you choose to take this picture ?

I was going to meet the Coliseum and I saw a football game going on in the square. I noticed that the people who played seemed very humble and when I looked around I saw that there were backpacks and small suitcases in some corners of the square. I took the picture and then an old man told me that those men were refugees and were sleeping in that square.

Refugiés footibol roma.jpg

Can you  talk about this picture ?

I think this image is very strong because for me it is full of contrasts. The Colosseum is an imposing building, a ostentation, a place with constant visit of happy tourists on vacations. That simple square next door turned into the humble home of several men who see in the afternoon football game a reason to smile amid a situation of abandonment by the world.

What is your relation to the football ?

I love soccer. I'm a fan of my heart team, Grêmio, but I watch every type of match, besides practicing the sport too. I think football has the power to unite very different worlds.

Thanks a lot Julia !